Morgan Bay Zendo Retreat

Zen, Yoga, and Kirtan: Saturdays, July 14 and August 18, at the Morgan Bay Zendo

Please join David Walker and Hugh Curran for either or both Summer 2018 day-long silent retreats at the Morgan Bay Zendo in Surry, Maine, on  Saturday, July 14 and August 18.  Midday potluck. $60. 9 am to 5 pm. Or join for a half day, either in the morning or afternoon. The day will alternate Yoga sessions guided by David that are geared to support seated meditation. Hugh will guide Zen meditation in the beautiful traditional Zendo. These sessions will alternate seated with walking meditation. The day will be completed with Kirtan (sacred chanting) led by David. All are welcome! Contact David at 207 664-4856 or to register, call Hugh Curran at 667-7170. Or contact Hugh at