“Living in a body that holds memories of trauma is a lifelong struggle. Efforts to silence or numb the pain prove counterproductive. Talk therapy works towards understanding and acceptance, but as leading trauma expert Dr. Bessell van der Kolk says, “the body keeps the score.

“I am that person. I am older, overweight and out of shape. Taking a class in yoga has never been on my bucket list. How I ended up at the Blue Hill Center for Yoga practicing trauma-sensitive yoga, I am not quite sure. Now I regret I didn’t discover it sooner.

“David is a gifted teacher. He is kind and soft-spoken, a calming presence in the light-filled studio. He meets his students where they are, without judgment or expectation. I am grateful every time I’m there.

Stretching, gentle yoga poses, breathing and meditation are among the practices David suggests. Through these experiences, I am finding new joy in my body and uncovering old pain. Trauma-sensitive yoga is not easy, but it is good. I stand a little taller each day.”

Name withheld

If you have suffered trauma, whether it be Complex and relational, or a single traumatic event, and have been working with a psychologist or psychotherapist for one year, you may find Trauma-Sensitive Yoga the next step in your recovery journey. David has worked with many trauma survivors using his training in TSY, and is happy to discuss possibilities with you. Absolute confidentiality is assured. You can email david at davidrwalker33@gmail.com, or call him at 207 664-4856.